Delaware Beach Homes

Delaware Homes ath the Beach

Delaware beach homes are an investment

Delaware beach homes continue to sell even in this sluggish economy. The proximity of The Delaware Beach (2.5 hour drive) to the major metropolitan areas makes it a perfect weekend retreat. Delawares low  real estate/property taxes attracts many second home buyers. The no sales tax has made the Rehoboth area a shopping mecca. Outlets of all major stores dot the route 1 corridor into Rehoboth. The above factors are just some of the reasons that Delaware Beach Homes are attractive to second home buyers. There is   more year round residents is ath the beach especially amongst the retirees. Each year more and more second homes transform into full time resident retirement homes. There are three major types of Delaware beach Homes, single family, Condo or town home and mobile home and they are explained below

Single Family Delaware Beach Homes

Location means ”  Distance to the Beach”  in Delaware Beach Homes language. Price is mostly affected and  attached to the distance to the beach. Steps to the beach soil prices will exceed 1 million while approx 10 miles from beach a beautiful brand new 2 bdr single family homes on a golf course can be purchased for under $200k.  Here is a sampling of a few Delaware Beach Homes 

Featured Delaware Beach Home… Walk to Beach


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Condo or Town Home Delaware Beach Homes

Condos and Town Homes generally have a few major financial differences than single family. The community that it resides collects dues to maintain the common grounds, the buldings exterior manintenance, maintain roads pools, tennis courts etc…. This is reflective in the amt. paid. Most due cover the master insurance policy on the building which is a savings to the owner. No maiantenace on the exterior is a major plus for a home away from home. Here is a sampling of a few Delaware Beach Homes Condos or Town Home


Mobile Homes Delaware Beach Homes

This type of property often involves ground rent or a leasehold property.This can range fro $300 per month to over a $1,000. This usually is determined by location within the community. Some are waterfront, water view, on  cul de sac, wooded etc… all play a role in the lot rent. Here are a few samplings of Delaware Mobile Homes

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