Fenwick Island Homes West of Route 1

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Fenwick island Homes In Delaware


Fenwick Island Homes West Of Rt 1

According to legend, one of the first inhabitants and heir to Fenwick Island claimed the island for himself and established his home there by swimming ashore from either a pirate ship or perhaps a merchant ship, depending on which version of the legend you have heard. Acquiring Fenwick Island homes and real estate has become much easier; you don’t have to jump off a ship to claim property here, although you just might be willing to once you understand the inherent value of Fenwick Island homes and real estate. Just call us up and we will drive you around for your private tour of the best Fenwick Island homes currently available.

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Fenwick Island Homes for Long-Term Investment

If the REALTORĀ® mantra for assessing property value is “location, location, location!” then you should start chanting along with him until you can visualize yourself in one of these fine Fenwick Island homes. Fenwick Island occupies the southernmost beach in Delaware, just a stone’s throw from the luxury lifestyle of Ocean City Maryland and its overtaxed denizens. Delaware tax laws make Fenwick Island a very popular spot for those who are retiring and don’t want to spend all of their savings by giving it all to the state. The tax-friendly environment of the state is legendary, and Fenwick Island is the perfect place where you can hang on to more of your hard-earned savings.
The Bayside west of Route 1 is comprised of single family Fenwick Island homes that start in the $550K range. The proximity to the beach helps keep prices stable.