Georgetown DE Real Estate

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Georgetown Delaware New Constuction

Georgetown De Real Estate

It wasn’t until 1775 when the actual boundaries of Sussex County were firmly established and thus ended a long dispute between the Penn family, which claimed the county extended to Fenwick Island, and Lord Baltimore, who claimed it ended at Lewes, Delaware.

Georgetown De Real Estate

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On May 9, 1791, the 10 commissioners headed by President of the State Senate George Mitchell negotiated the purchase of 76 acres and Commissioner Rhodes Shankland began the survey by laying out “a spacious square of 100 yards each way.” Eventually the Town was laid out in a circle one mile across, centered on the original square surveyed by Shankland and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many homes in Georgetown DE still reflect the community’s sense of history.

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Homes in Georgetown, DE area can be a a golf course, near an airfield, or in a historic home in the towncenter. . The outskirts of town allow for farmettes of a couple acres to the large farming operations of 1000s of acres. The single family homes in Georgetown DE tend to be more affordable due to its 10 plus mile distance to the beach. Zoar estates homeprices start in the mid $150,000 range. It’s a great place for first time home buyers. For $250k a historic estate home can be purchased in the towns center. Many fixer uppers have made their way on to the real estate market. Village of Cinderberry offers condo style living starting in the low $200k range. Georgetown real estate is great place to invest in rental property. It is s great time to buy homes in Georgetown DE due to the location to the beach and also the employment that the County seat brings to the area. Real Estate in Georgetown has many opportunities for the investor. Historic homes are becomung Law offices and Farmettes are attracting the wealthy city dwellers