Delaware Beach Business For Sale

Tourists take to the Boardwalk

Businesses cater to the tourists as they stroll THE BOARDWALK AT REHOBOTH

 Delaware Beach Business For Sale

The  coast offers many Delaware  businesses due to its tourist and service type economy. Types of businesses vary from gas stations, restaurants,  golf courses, hotels and many other forms of business. The major difference to the buyer is are you purchasing the land or just leasing and buying the business. The food service sector is the hottest sector at the beach area with retail right behind. The financing of commercial property has its hurdles and is much more difficult than a conventional home loan. Prices of the businesses are based on cash flow, inventory, and lease terms.Searching for that Delaware Beach Business will normally require that you sign a confidentiality statement. This is to assure that all aspects the owner of the business divulges to us remain confidential. The Delaware tax benefits to its residents is attracting retirees at an ever increasing rate.

 Delaware Beach Business For Sale Here By Beach Town


Rehoboth Beach

Dewey Beach

Bethany Beach

Fenwick Island



West of route 1 there are many opportunities that cater to the year round residentThe Delaware Beaches tourist driven economy is readily visible east of route 1, considered Ocean Side. The further west you go the less tourist activity and the lower the prices, rental rates, and usually sales stats.The small towns that dot the Coastal area make perfect small business locations and spill over of the tourist traffic in the season still continues. The year round resident is also locating to the more affordable areas west of rout 1, making business ventures viable  

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