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The geography that the Dewey Beach real estate market enjoys makes this spot a popular choice for Delaware home buyers who are looking for partygoers as well as those who are looking for family fun. Dewey Beach Delaware lies on a small strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay, is about one mile long and only two blocks wide. The fact that is very close to Rehoboth Beach simply adds to this popularity. This truly is a area that is perfect for partygoers, but the wide sandy beaches and numerous cottages, hotels, and condos make this a great family resort spot as well. it is also a popular family resort spot, particularly because of its wide, sandy beaches, many hotels, cottages, and condominiums.

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So what has been happening with the Dewey Beach real estate market east of Route 1? Plenty! Many of the local hotels have been converted to one to three bedroom Dewey Beach condominiums. This is good news for Delaware home buyers who are on a budget. Limited land and a high demand for property in this area means that single family homes can command a much higher price. Prices ranges for Dewey Beach real estate range from the low $200k for a small condo to multi million dollar price tags for luxury bwach houses located on the Atlantic Ocean. Many properties are leaseholds and term lengths vary from a few years up to 99 years. Typically the lower the length of lease term, the lower the price. Many 4-8 bedroom homes are leaseholds and conventional financing is difficult to obtain.

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West of Route 1, Bayside, Dewey, Beach has a variety of housing options for todays home buyer. Three bedroom 2 bath Condos can be had for the mid $300k at Rainbow Cove or opt for a single family home of $450k. in the Town of Dewey Beach Delaware.
Leasehold are available and can be financed per certain parmeters.